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Waivers + Documents

* All members must print, sign and submit ALL HEALTH AND LIABILITY WAIVERS prior to working out *
You may also submit this remotely by clicking on the waiver button below.

Document Copies


This is only needed for members wanting to compete.

  1. Click HERE to begin registration. (If the link does not work, copy into your web browser)

  2. Documents/ items needed:

    1. Certified copy of your birth certificate or a photocopy of your passport page that includes your photo and vital statistics. 

    2. Two small, passport-size photos; one of which will be affixed to your passbook.

    3.  All athletes are required to pass a yearly physical exam with corresponding documentation.(Form Listed below)

  3.  Once you submit the required documents as instructed on your membership confirmation page, you will receive a white athlete passbook from the LBC registration chair. DO NOT LOSE YOUR BOOK! You must have this book with you to box at an event.

USA Boxing Mailing Instructions

USA Boxing Annual Physical Form

Membership Cancellation 

To cancel membership please click button then submit form.

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